My English Lesson at SEC Amuntai #8

  1. Prepare = mempersiapkan
  2. Steal = mencuri
  3. Rob = merampok
  4. Consume = mengkonsumsi
  5. Catch = menangkap
  6. Punish = menghukum
  7. Hunt = memburu
  8. Stay up = begadang
  9. Dress up = berdandan
  10. Make up = berhias
  11. Comb = menyisir
  1. Going to = sudah akan
  2. Will = rencana / persiapan
  3. Verge of = sudah mau sekali
  4. I prepare have a dinner --> have a dinner =  menikmati --> frase
  5. Wy do you come late?
  6. With whom do you come here?
  7. I just alone
Grammar --> Direct Indirect Speech

  1. Yes / no (If, whether) = apakah --> to be aux di depan
  2. Wh Question / Question word
D: She asks him, "Are you a doctor?"
I: She ask him if he is a doctor.

D: She asked him, "Are you a doctor?"
I: She asked him if he was a doctor.

D: She asked him, "Do you visit me?"
I: She asked him if he visited her.

D: He asked her, "Have you done my duty?"
I: He asked her if she had done his duty.

D: Madam asked us, "Did you do homework last night?
I: Madam asked us if we had done homework the night before.

D: She asked him, "How are you?"
I: She asked him how he was.

D: She asked him, "What did you buy yesterday?
I: She asked him what he had bought the day before.

D: He asked you, "Where will you go tomorrow?
I: He asked you where would you go the day after.

Imperative / Request = Perintah / Permohonan

D: He told to me, "Be careful in life!"
I: He told to me to be careful in life.

D: He told to me, "Don't be careless!"
I: He told to me not to be careless.

D: He told me, "Open the door!"
I: He told me to open the door.

D: He told me, "Don't visit me!"
I: He told me not to visit her.


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