My English Lesson at SEC Amuntai #4


  1. Envy : iri hati
  2. Disgusting : menjijikkan
  3. Torn : robek
  4. Leak : bocor
  5. Weak : lemah
  6. Crowded : ramai
  7. Thin : tipis
  8. Thick : tebal
  9. Tight : rapat, ketat
  10. Drunk : mabuk
  11. Strict : tegas

Direct Indirect

Statement (that)

D: He said to me, "I do it for you."
I: He said to me that he did it for me.

D: She said to you, "You didn't know me."
I: She said to you that you hadn't known her.

D: You said to her, " I am you friend."
I: You said to her that you were her friend.

D: She said to him, "I'm glad to see you now."
I: She said to him that she was glad to see him then.

D: Her uncle said to me, "I was waiting for your coming yesterday."
I: Her uncle said to me that he had been waiting for my coming the day before.

D: His aunt said to him, "I have tried to help you."
I: His aunt said to him that she had tried to help him.

  • do --> auxiliary
  • do --> verb
  • do --> emphasized

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