My English Lesson at SEC Amuntai #49



  1. If you were a season, what season do you want to be?
  2. If you were a day, what day do you want to be?
  3. If you were a country, what country do you want to be?
  4. If you were a piece of fruit, what fruit do you want to be? 
My answers:
  1. Fall, because I like the golden view. I like the way wind make the leaves fall.
  2. Friday, because it is the beginning of the weekend.
  3. England, because it is the land of fairytale.
  4. Almond, because it is unique and it has beautiful tree.


    Situation 1

    You are at home of your boss. He and his wife are known for being very clean and neat. Suddenly, you see someone whom do you not know spill coffee on the hostess' new rug. You see that this has been an accident, and you do not think that the person who spilled the coffee noticed it.

    My answer | I will tell the stranger that he spilled the coffee on the hostess's new rug.  

    Situation 2

    You arrive at a party. You do not recognize anyone there, but you would like to make a good impression. You see a large group of smiling, laughing people, three people talking seriously, and one shy-looking person standing alone.

    My answer | I will try to find something good that will make me can make a good impression. In my imaginaton, maybe I can turn off the lamp, turn on the lamp which only shine on me, and start to sing or dance.

    Situation 3

    You are at an airport, and it is late at night. Your plane will not be leaving for another hour and you are looking at an interesting magazine. A nice-looking stranger, who is very sociable, offers to buy you a cup of coffe.

    My answer |  I will receive the stranger's coffe and start to talk with him/her.

    Situation 4

    Your roomate comes and tells you that she has just lost her job. Then she goes to her bedroom and closes the door . You see that this situation has affected her badly. She was used to going to work everyday, and job was very significant to her

    My answer | I will let her alone until she feel better. Then, I will tell her that the losing job that happened with her is the sign for God that she will get a new better job than the job she lost before.

    1. When do we hear the sound which is we do not know who is speaking or we do not know where the sound comes from?
    2. Why do the ducks fly to the south?

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